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Services: Consulting

QA Software's suite of consulting services includes review of the project scope to recommend procedures and solutions and implementing any required changes
and, finally, training staff in those changes. The result is a coherent and detailed update of the organisation's procedures and staff knowledge.

Our consultants can assist with:

Review and Analysis

Consultants focus on identifying customers' needs ensuring the solution is best tailored to the specific operational needs of the organisation. Education and training needs are also analysed at this stage with a view to integrating services as required.
Product Implementation

Implementations can consist of reviewing existing procedures; designing an implementation plan to roll-out QA Software products throughout the company; designing customised training programs; and preparing performance measurement programs to evaluate the implementation process.

Product Customisation

QA Software specialises in providing customised solutions: from simple development of specific reports to full scale customisation to meet specific business processes. Furthermore, regardless of the complexity of the customisation, clients retain ongoing access to new versions of QA Software products as they are released.

Standard product upgrades can be applied to live installations notwithstanding the customisations they may contain. This is an important consideration, as with the rapid development of network communications, customers are assured of their investment in customizing a system that is tailored to their specific requirements, ensuring that at all times they are utilising the most up-to-date technology.

Product Integration

QA Software products can often be integrated with other company systems such as Financials, Payroll, Job Costing, Human Resources, Scheduling and Estimating Systems.

Contact QA Software to discuss your product integration requirements with a technical consultant.