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QTIME, a system for the management of timesheets

material managementQTIME is an advanced system for the complete management of the expenditure of hours designed for the engineering and construction environment.

QTIME is the ideal solution for both large engineering offices that need to manage hours spent against budget in terms of deliverables; and project sites where activity based hours are often manually re-processed for payroll purposes. Timesheet data is entered by individuals against a work breakdown structure (WBS) either over the internet via a browser or directly if connected to the Local Area Network.

From this source data, QTIME manages:

time sheet management system

  • Timesheet Approvals
  • Award Interpretation (the derivation of pay elements according to user configured business rules)
  • Client Billing (the auto allocation of sell rates to all transactions based on client based business rules)

QTIME also facilitates the periodic measurement of progress against the WBS which enables auto calculation of earned values, productivity factors and forecasts to complete.

QTIME is commonly interface directly to the customer’s payroll and/or project costing systems, creating great efficiencies by eliminating the need for re-keying of data.

If your company currently struggles with the management of timesheets, and project managers wait weeks for meaningful reports which are normally out of date by the time they are received.