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TeamBinder Logo   Web-based Project Collaboration

An advanced web collaboration system & online document management solution that enables all parties on a project to communicate and share project documents in a controlled web-based environment, providing full auditability and tracking. More...
Document/Drawing Control System   Document/Drawing Control System

Designed to manage the distribution, via transmittal, of "controlled" documents such as drawings, specifications, and procedures to both internal recipients and external companies. QDMS ensures that all recipients are kept up to date with the latest version of documents while providing a complete audit trail of incoming and outgoing documents. More...
Inspection & Defects Management System   Inspection & Defects Management System

A Pocket PC and LAN-based system for managing building inspections and the recording of defects and other inspection results, streamlining the process of managing the close-out of defects as projects near practical completion.

Using a combination of Defect Inspector on the PC to quickly create comprehensive and detailed inspection check lists, and IDMS on the Pocket PC to capture inspection results remotely on-site, Defect Inspector transforms the way companies manage defects. More...
Vendor Data Management System   Vendor Data Management System

An add-on module to the QDMS Project Document Control System brings together the procurement and document control tasks associated with the management of vendor data. It allows: "Document Control" to process and distribute vendor data; "Purchasing" to expedite outstanding items; and "Engineering" to manage the review process - all using the same database. More...
Project Materials Management System   Project Materials Management System

A fully integrated system for the management of all phases of the material management process in a project environment. Tracking commences from the Material Take-off (Bill of Materials) and continues through generating requisitions/inquiries, purchase orders and then moving to site, though deliveries (receipts), movements and the issuing of materials.

The system automates much of the materials control process from automatic generation of material quantities for purchase through to automatic generation of issue and movement dockets while keeping a complete history of all changes. More...